DAVE YOHO’s Newest Book Is Destined To Be A Best-Seller As Was His Previous Book 1991 (Berkeley Press)
- Ed Helvey, Publisher - Oak Hill Press
Have a Great Year Every Year by Dave Yoho enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of how energy, persuasion, optimism and discipline affect your personal life, business and career. It's invaluable!"
- Ken Blanchard, co-author The One-Minute Manager and The Secret

Why are some people and businesses more successful than others? What are the simple principles that enabled Wal-Mart to become the world’s largest retailer? How did Lee Iacocca take a virtually bankrupt Chrysler Corporation and turn it into an industrial success?

Dave Yoho analyzes the often complex world of business and then reduces it to simple methods that anyone can use. Learn why corporations and entrepreneurs value the EPOD Theory as a roadmap to becoming more successful.

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“I’ve been a Dave Yoho student for nearly four decades - never disappointed. Get the book.”
- Ty Boyd, Chairman, Executive Learning Systems
“The size of your thinking determines the size of your results. Dave Yoho will expand your thinking.”
- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author, Chicken Soup For The Soul Series
“The chapters on making speeches and communication are worth 100 times the cost of the book.”
- Bob Orben, Director of White House Speech-writing Department for President Gerald R. Ford


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